Everything to Know About Oral Hygiene After Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Removing wisdom teeth can help you ensure better oral health for the long-term. Dentists often advise removing these backmost molars to prevent or resolve crowding, infection, tooth decay, and more.

In addition to choosing a quality dentist, cleaning your mouth correctly is vital after wisdom teeth removal. 

But when and how should you brush teeth after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep reading to find out.

Partial Brushing on The First Day

It’s tempting to skip tooth brushing on the day of your procedure. However, our dentist recommends you brush your front teeth on the same day. Simply do not brush near the extraction site. This allows the area to fully stop bleeding and clot for healing.

Brush 24 Hours Later

Just 24 hours after your procedure, you can brush all of your mouth, including back teeth. While you’ll need to be careful, you shouldn’t avoid brushing.

Brushing, flossing, and dental hygiene are critical to ensure proper healing after the procedure. Skipping out can lead to healing problems, and put your other teeth at risk for decay. 

Tips for Brushing After Wisdom Tooth Removal

While brushing is important, you do want to be careful of your extraction site. Here are some tips to help:

Choose the Right Brush

Your normal toothbrush may not be the best option after wisdom tooth removal. In the first two weeks after the procedure, opt for a manual toothbrush for greater control and a gentle brush. Furthermore, choose one with soft bristles and a small head. 

Brushing Technique

You should also adjust your brushing technique while your extraction sites are healing. Opt for light pressure and small, circular motions. Be careful not to hit any stitches too. 

Visit Dr. Harry Suekert for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Chattanooga, TN

Wondering about wisdom tooth removal? Turn to Dr. Harry Suekert and his dedicated dental team. We will assess your smile and help you determine if this treatment is best for you. Our dentist in Chattanooga also provides personalized aftercare instructions to help you ensure proper healing and avoid issues. If you have any questions, just give us a call and we’ll help however we can.  

For quality wisdom tooth removal in Chattanooga, visit Dr. Harry Suekert DDS Dentistry. 

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