Meet Dr Harry Suekert - EAST RIDGE, TN

Meet Dr. Harry Suekert

Harry M. Suekert, DDS

I consider it a privilege and an honor to serve the community through the art and science of modern dentistry. Creating and restoring beautiful smiles while improving our patients health and quality of life.


In order to become a dentist, I attained the following educational certificates:

Continuing Education

In my continuing education, I have focused on patient comfort and pain management.  I concentrate on what can be done to make my patients more comfortable during and after dental care.

Through the use of laser technology, we have been able to reduce healing time, decrease painful symptoms and decrease treatment time. We use lasers regularly for the treatment of cavities, gum disease, even relieving painful symptoms encountered from cold sores and fever blisters.

In the Office

The best part of my profession is the opportunity to help people. I enjoy the opportunity to work with great people and creating beautiful, healthy smiles. I enjoy getting to know our patients on an individual basis, helping them achieve the smile they have always wanted while customizing a treatment plan to fit their dental and budget needs.

My team and I try to make dentistry fun and we take pride in patient comfort. Most of our team members have been in dentistry for many years and all are dedicated to patient satisfaction.

Family Life

I grew up in Lancaster, MA, and love living in the Chattanooga area with my family. My wife, Kim, and I have been married since 1989. Our daughter, Michelle, was born in 1994, and our son, Andrew, was born in 1995. Spending time with my family is my favorite activity, whether we’re working on projects together or just hiking or biking around the area. I also love photography and music.

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