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The LANAP® Procedure

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What is LANAP®?

LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an FDA cleared laser treatment that provides a more successful and less painful periodontal treatment alternative to conventional cut and sew surgery. Millions of Americans each year suffer from gum disease, yet only a small percentage receives treatment. Gum disease has been linked to a variety of health complications including but not limited to heart disease, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies.


With the introduction of the PerioLase® MVP-7™and the LANAP® protocol our team in East Ridge, TN are able to remove and kill only the bacteria within the pockets of your gums while leaving the healthy tissue behind to reattach to the root surface! Why is this important? You can now enjoy less pain, less discomfort, less recession, less sensitivity, and much better and more predictable long-term results. Quite simply it is the highest standard of care available in the world for the treatment of periodontal disease. Often, we can save teeth that have previously been deemed hopeless by naturally regenerating the bone around the tooth.

The Benefits of LANAP®

LANAP® is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the body to heal itself quickly

Due to the bio stimulation capabilities of the Periolase there is usually little to no discomfort for our patients. It is very rare to prescribe pain medication post op LANAP®.

Most patients that opt for laser gum surgery can go straight back to their daily activities the same day!

Patients travel from across the state to have laser surgery because it does not lower the level of the gum line like traditional surgery.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™can remove 90% of the inflammation in your mouth after one visit. The laser specifically targets the bacteria in your mouth while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

With the LANAP® Protocol we are able to control the bleeding with the laser. This results in less bleeding and complications.

Patient’s number one reason to receive laser gum surgery is because they want to save and keep their natural teeth.

LANAP® is the only protocol scientifically proven to regenerate bone around teeth.

There are zero contraindications with this laser meaning it does not interfere with any disease or medication.

Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

Frequently Asked Laser Treatment Questions

All lasers work by delivering energy in the form of light. When used for surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with. When used for “curing” a filling, the laser helps to strengthen the bond between the filling and the tooth. When used in teeth whitening procedures, the laser acts as a heat source and enhances the effect of tooth beaching agents.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™is the only laser that is FDA cleared and has human histology research supporting its claims for the treatment of gum disease. This laser is also extremely selective in the tissue that it removes.

Typically, there is less pain, discomfort, and bleeding involved in laser dentistry. LANAP® is a prime example. Instead of having traditional gum surgery we are able to treat your gums with the laser without all of the cutting and sutures that were previously needed. The laser allows us to eliminate the bacteria and diseased tissue without harming the healthy tissue. The result is less pain, less recession, and less discomfort!

In most cases laser dentistry is about the same or about a little bit less expensive. Most dentist have a laser because it provides a better experience for the patient or it is a necessary tool for a procedure that they cannot do without a laser. All fees can be different from dentist to dentist.  In most cases the benefits far out weight the cost.

If the dental laser is used according to accepted practices by a trained practitioner, then it is at least as safe as other dental instruments. However, just as you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the sun, when your dentist performs a laser procedure, you will be asked to wear special eyeglasses to protect your eyes from the laser.

Ask your dentist questions about the extent of his or her laser education and training. Make sure that your dentist has participated in educational courses and received training by the manufacturer. Many dental schools, dental associations, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) offer dental laser education. The ALD is the profession’s independent source for current dental laser education and credentialing.

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