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Laser technology
laser technology

Ground-Breaking Laser Technology to Better Serve You

Laser technology has been changing the entire field of dentistry, thanks to all the benefits it offers compared to the traditional dental drill. Laser instruments can emit a very narrow and precise low-energy beam capable of removing and sculpting tissues. In addition to restorative procedures, lasers can be used cosmetically in treatments like teeth whitening by helping to boost tooth whitening factors. For our patients, dental lasers can reduce pain and the need for anesthesia, as well as minimize swelling and bleeding. Even beyond that, for patients who find the sounds and feel of a dental drill stressful, a dental laser can reduce such anxiety. Contact our office today to find out how laser technology can bring your dental care to the next level.

Laser Dentistry at Its Finest

Our office is proud to have a variety of dental lasers available to meet our patients’ needs in East Ridge, TN and its surrounding areas. Dr. Harry Suekert is highly trained in laser technology, and he expertly chooses his instruments by whichever tools are best suited for each treatment. Lasers can treat a variety of ailments such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, remove problematic tissues, and enhance the effectiveness of agents used in cosmetic dentistry.

DIAGNOdent is a penlike laser that is often used by our hygiene team to help detect tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth. Laser light is used to examine the tooth structure and to detect not only the presence of tooth decay, but also to what extent the decay has spread in a noninvasive way. DIAGNOdent is over 90% accurate in detecting lesions that are normally missed by traditional explorers or bitewings. This accuracy allows decay to be treated sooner, and also minimizes the chances of further intervention.

PerioLase MVP-7 is our primary tool for laser gum disease treatment and biostimulation to promote faster healing. It targets periodontal disease by gently and effectively removing the bacteria that is causing gum disease. The precision of the laser allows your dentist to remove the source of disease while leaving behind healthy gum tissue and minimizing recovery time, thanks to the elimination of scalpels and sutures. Contact our office today for more information on laser periodontal treatment.

Our practice is proud to feature two lasers from the Biolase family: Waterlase MD and Waterlase iPlus®. This ground-breaking, tissue-cutting laser technology allows us to precisely prepare teeth for fillings by cleaning out decay. In addition to tooth preparation, the laser can treat cold sores, re-contour gums for a more even smile, and if decay is very deep, even address bone loss. Biolase lasers are versatile enough to address different tissue types to provide a customized treatment for our patients. Such versatility helps us provide an exceptional dental experience in a single less-invasive visit.

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