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Our children’s dentist in Chattanooga is here to help care for your young one’s smile! 

Children are at high risk for tooth decay for a simple reason, many children and adolescents do not practice regular, good oral hygiene habits. Proper brushing and flossing routines combined with regular dental visits help keep tooth decay away.

For kids’ dental care turn to the dedicated team at Dr. Suekert’s dental office.

The Importance of a Enjoyable, Early Children’s Dental Care

It’s normal for kids to fear the unknown. The dental office is a great unknown, and many kids are afraid of it. Furthermore, the strange noises and tools can also be scary.

Our dental team understands how children can feel about the dentist. We go out of our way to help kids feel at ease and even enjoy their dental visits. Our dentists use simple, age-appropriate language to explain treatments to kids. We also happily answer any questions parents or kids have.

When Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

Based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children are due for a dental checkup around age 1. Most kids get their first teeth by 6-12 months old. Even if they don’t have many (or any teeth), we advise a 12-month-old dental visit to begin monitoring dental development. Early visits also help reduce the chances of a dental phobia!

When Do Children Get New Teeth?

Most kids receive their first primary teeth between 6 and 12 months old. “Baby teeth” can continue to come in until kids turn about 3. In the end, they will have around 20 primary teeth.

Throughout the teething process, sore, irritated gums are a common symptom.

One simple way to soothe angry gums is with a cool, wet washcloth. Teething rings may also be helpful, especially when refrigerated.

Starting at around age 6, children begin to lose their primary teeth, and their permanent teeth come up. As adults, we have 28 permanent teeth. With wisdom teeth, we may have up to 32.

Children’s Dental Care Tips from Our Kids’ Dentist In Chattanooga, TN

Prevent Tooth Decay With Regular Visits to Our Kids’ Dental Clinic In Chattanooga, TN

Daily at-home dental care is vital for kids, but regular preventative dental appointments are also essential. Bring your child to the dentist at least once every six months for a teeth cleaning and exam. 

Furthermore, we often advise fluoride application twice a year to fortify tooth enamel and strengthen teeth. For kids, we sometimes use dental sealants to prevent tooth decay in deep grooves. Most sealants last for years, but the dentist will examine them at every checkup.

For all of your child’s dental care needs, visit our kids’ dentist in Chattanooga. We provide complete kids’ dental care in a fun, enjoyable environment. Dr. Suekert’s dental team does all we can to set children up for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Contact us and schedule an appointment with our children’s dentist in Chattanooga, TN!

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They are very friendly and welcoming and seem like a family at times. We get all of our cleanings and dental work done here. They are really good at estimating your cost after insurance so you know what procedures will cost you.

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Tim B.
The dentist and staff are very calming. Always checking to make sure you aren’t feeling anything. The office staff is very friendly. My fear and dread of dental work my whole life is over. I feel very lucky to have picked this dentist office. I highly recommend them.
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Kerry K.
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Incredible office. Dr. Suekert is a kind, intelligent, and gifted dentist. The office staff has been nice every time I’ve walked through the door. Highly recommended!
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